Before Sunday Comes

By Heather Todd ·

April, 20 2019

Saturday. It's the least talked about during Easter weekend. There's no special name given to it. Friday has Good before it. Sunday gets Easter. But Saturday is untouched. Why?

I think Saturday is the most difficult of all. It represents the waiting, the mourning, the grief. Friday is the initial shock and denial that something terrible has happened. Sunday is the resurrection of hopes and dreams and everything good being celebrated as victory. But Saturday? It feels endless. It's filled with despair, longing for the way things were, or longing for some future hope that you just can't seem to grasp. Saturday is miserable. My Saturday lasted an entire decade.

The pain and rejection my family suffered was just the beginning of an extremely difficult 10 years of processing, reliving, hashing out, figuring out what went wrong, and praying for restoration.

And then Sunday came.

And it's not what we expected. But there was hope and redemption and forgiveness. And there was ultimately victory because I forgave even though I wasn't asked for forgiveness. But God's grace enabled me to rise above the hurt and pain of that decade to forgive and love unconditionally.

I will never reach Jesus' level of love or sacrifice, but in some ways, I can understand the waiting. I can identify with that pain of Saturday. God knew it was necessary for Jesus to die and to wait to reveal Himself as risen because his followers needed that time to feel the weight of his death so that his appearing would be stunning and full of unexplainable victory.

But Saturday, without knowing Sunday is coming, feels like hell. And I think that's the point.

It's supposed to bring us to our knees. We're supposed to not understand and question God and ultimately find our solace in Him. Because He's there on Friday when the bottom falls out, on Saturday in the seemingly endless and bleak pain, and He's there on Sunday morning as the fog rolls away to reveal what our hearts have desperately longed for all those years.

Friends, you may not get your Sunday this side of heaven, but believe me, Sunday is coming. And it will be worth every tear.

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